Sunday, March 28, 2010

A very Happy Birthday ...

to my daughter Logan Marie. She turns 26 on March 29th. As I look back at the past 26 years, I have so many thoughts of Logan. Being the first child, she got to be our "Guinea pig" on raising children. only to find out every child is different, and what worked for her, not necessarily would work for the next one. She has been a joy in my life. A great example of who I want to become. Thank you to Logan for helping to hold our family together. And I hope you have a wonderful deserve it!
Miniature Golfing for FHE they all got holes in one!

Logan and Skyler Mirror Lake
Nicole and Logan Halloween 2008
Kelsey and Logan at the air show 2009
Kelsey, Skyler, Nicole and Logan Dec 2009
Family pictures 2007
Family pictures 2008

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

cake decorating 101

Nicole decided she wanted to take a cake decorating class. Even though I already decorate cakes to a pretty much amateur level, I thought it would be a fun mother/daughter bonding thing. Besides since I am an employee at Michaels, I can take the class for free. Logan who already took the class a few years ago, thought it sounded fun to join in, and even has her friend Mariane taking it with us. (Kelsey has school that night or she would have joined in the fun, miss ya Kels!)

So with all that said, I made my first cake in the class. It was shall we say... a DISASTER!
It got stuck in the pan, fell apart frosting it, then after getting it to look "Ok" slid in the carrier on the way to class... see Exhibit A.

The finished product (Exhibit B) turned out ok, as long as you look at the other side of the cake. Next week, I am going to make cupcakes and decorate them, because really , how bad can you mess up cupcakes?