Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Every Heart Beats True, for the RED, WHITE and BLUE...

I just love the 4th of July. I don't think I have missed the parade in Provo in 40 something years. Even when we lived in Nevada, we would make sure we came back to visit for all the festivities.
I look forward to it even more now that I have my own little family to enjoy it all with.
My sister Diane always comes here from San Diego and spends the week, and my brother Andy from Idaho comes for all the festivities. It has been non-stop fun for the past week. It always includes; dinner at Mama Chus, shopping, lunch, late nights up talking, as well as the 4th events which included hiking to Stewart Falls, Stadium of Fire which by the way, was amazing with Carrie Underwood. Parade eve party at my brother in laws office in Provo. His office is near the parade route, so the kids 12 and older "sleep" on the parade route to save our spot, while the younger ones sleep in the office. Nicole and Chaz (with Mia in the stroller), ran the 10K freedom run, and Riley ran the 5K. The rest of join the kids for the parade. After the parade we head on over to my sister and brother in laws house to BQ, Swim, Eat snow cones, and enjoy each others company. It is a party that is anticipated by all every year.
Here are some pictures of the festivities.

Skyler at Stewart Falls. It is a four mile round trip hike.
Stewart Falls
Me, Skyler, Chaz with Mia in the pack, Nicole and Logan
Nicole Chaz and Mia
Some of the cousins
Hard to see, but thats Carrie Underwood.
260 Boy Scouts all received their Eagle scout award there at the Stadium.
My nephew Alex was one of them.
My sister Melinda got to go on stage with him.
Logan, Marianne, Riley, Kelsey
Melinda, Jackson, Skyler, Brandon, Drew
Jackson, Skyler and Drew, waiting for the parade to start
Logan and Mia
Riley and Kelsey
Mia loves her grandpa
Mark, Skyler and Me
Mark and Skyler at the pool party
Logan and Kelsey
Skyler, Mia, Chaz and Nicole
Nicole and Mia
Riley and Kelsey

Logan, chillin by the pool with her snowcone.
I just love everything about this day. I love this beautiful country that we live in. I am so grateful to be in America where I can enjoy the freedoms we have. I am grateful for those service men and women that serve our country. I am proud to be an American, and proud to fly our countries flag.