Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

I think like having Halloween on a Sunday. It spread the festivities over a three day period.
Friday was the school party and costume parade. Saturday was filled with carving pumpkins, making sugar cookies, and then trick-or-treating. Sunday was just a nice relaxing day with a nice family dinner. (I did decorate the table all halloweenish).
The only one I don't have pictures of is Logan. She and her roommate Mare were Mario and Luigi. Hopefully she will post their fun pictures on her blog. All my girls made their own costumes. Ya, they are pretty amazing!
Here are a few pictures of our weekend of fun.

Little bumble bee Mia
The Addis Family as bees and bee keeper, Nicole made all of their costumes.
Army Man Skyler and Mia
Kelsey with her skeleton shirt that she and Nicole made.
Skyler posing
Chaz,Skyler,Mia,Nicole, and Kelsey
Mia and Skyler
The finished pumpkins
Mark and Skyler
Skyler ready for the parade at school

Skyler's third grade, has been learning about economics. They had to make some products to sell, then sell them at school. He (with a little help from mom and sisters), made pinwheels and bookmarks. He had a lot of fun, but was a little bummed when he found out the money they earned, went to their classroom fund for field trips.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Fun

I love The Fall Season. The weather starts to cool down, and it is the start of the holiday season. I took this past week off work, and enjoyed some time with my family. A few of our traditions this time of year were captured in pictures, so here goes... we went to our family cabin for an evening of dinner and games.
Skyler- Sharon
Kelsey -Riley
Mark and Skyler at Cascade Springs
Skyler and Sharon and Cascade Springs
Mark-Sharon-Skyler, every conference weekend, in between sessions we drive up Provo Canyon to enjoy the fall leaves.
Nicole-Kelsey-Mia and Logan at the witches festival at gardners Village
Mia at Gardners Village
Me and Skyler spent Some time on Sat. at Cornbellys
Skyler climbed the rock wall
We went on a hayride...(I have no idea who that random guy is.)

Which way do we go? We even tried the corn maze.
It was a beautiful week to be off work.