Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby Quilts

I have decided that all my grand babies need a quilt made from grandma.
So... I have been making a few quilts lately.

This baseball quilt was made for baby Kyle Lundreen, who actually isn't a grandbaby of mine, but is the baby of Julie who is one of my daughters best friends from Jr. high on up.
Julie has always been like my 4th daughter, so I wanted to make a special quilt for them.

They are huge baseball fans, so I found a bunch of fun fabrics and had my friend Lina machine quilt the baseball patterns on the quilt. Click on the photo to see the detail in the quilting.
This quilt is for my grandson Emmett (who is due any day now)
Kelsey and I went to 7 different fabric stores to find just the right fabrics for this quilt.
She chose this fun pattern and fun colors.
We framed some of the blocks in white frames to hang above the crib.
Once again, Lina did the quilting, this time with a fun bubble pattern.