Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pinewood derby

Yesterday was Skyler's first pinewood derby. He has spent many hours in the garage with Mark choosing a design, cutting, sanding, spray painting, and then assembling the car. It was a fun Father/Son project for them both to work on. I kept teasing Mark asking him whose car this really was, his or Skyler's. But in all reality, Mark made Skyler choose the design, help cut it out, sand it, choose the color of paint, and do the spray painting, and then assemle it. Mark did make sure he put lots of paper on the garage floor, and move the car out of the way so we didn't have yellow paint everywhere.
It was a fun night, and brought back many memories back from my 5 brothers and all their cars.
Here are a few pictures of the event.

Here is Skyler and Brother Gaisfordgiving Skyler his award. My dad made these really cool stands for each boy to display his car on.
Aiden and Skyler with their cars.

Skyler picked this unique design for his car.
I kept trying to get him to model it after a cool hot wheel he had, but he was set on this. It ended up turning out to be a pretty cool car.

Mark and Skyler, isn't he so handsome in his uniform?