Sunday, May 24, 2009

Koster's Rehabilitaion Center

This past week and a half have been sort of crazy here at our house. On the 14th Mark went in for surgery on his hip. He has had problems with it for quite some time. Through an MRI,they found torn cartiledge and tendons in there, so they went in to repair the damage. They had to dis-locate the hip in order to get to the damage. When they got in there, They found a "crater" in his bone, that was causeing the tearing. The cut a section of bone out, filled it with bone wax ( whatever that is) repaired the tears then put it all back together with two long screws. We do have tons of pictures of the surgery. I could scan them in, but I will spare you the grossness. He's as good as new....Well almost. We have 3-4 months of no weight or pressure on the hip. He stayed in the hospital for 3 days, then we brought him home. We moved Skyler's twin bed into the family room, and set up a place for him to rest. We have a home nurse who comes in every few days to check on him as well as a physical therapist.

Kelsey had her gall bladder removed last Tuesday, and joined the make shift hospital room. The funny thing is, Logan came down with strep on Wednesday. Ok, It probably wasn't funny to Logan, but what else could I do but laugh, and say... NEXT!
As I was getting Skyler off to school on Thursday, he said' Mom, Me and you are the only healthy ones in our house!"

The good news is, Logan is much better, and Kelsey is on the mend and doing much better. Mark on the other hand, well if you know Mark, its going to be a loooong summer for all of us.

To view our "hospital room" visit this...
Thanks for the phone calls, visits, and support. Logan for giving Mark his daily shots, Nicole for the "drug runs" to Walgreens, Skyler for retrieving popsicles, Kelsey for being such a great patient, Jody and Katrina at work for being there to get me through my meltdown at work. Chaz for keeping our lawn mowed. How Blessed am I to have such wonderful support!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

007---The new Bond

The other night, Skyler thought he would dress up, and be "special agent S". He came down stairs dressed in his suit and had a gun and binoculars. He went and cut one of my tulips and pinned it to his lapel. It was a secret spy camera and microphone. Later he was found in the tree "spying" on the neighbor boys playing ball. Oh, to have the imagination of a child!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Back Home!

Can't you just tell by this picture one reason I am so happy Logan and Kelsey have moved back home... NEVER ENDING FUN!!!
Logan and Kelsey have come back home at least for the summer, for Kelsey, and longer for Logan. Here are just a few reasons I just love having them home...
1- The smell of them baking yummy treats.
2- Their laughter
3- Kelsey singing
4- Having their friends over
5- Their always willingness to help out with Skyler
6- The spirit that they always carry, flows over into our home... I love it!
Although I know I can't keep them home forever, I am going to take it all in, and enjoy every minute of it!