Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mom....I love you

Here's a conversation that I had with Skyler in the car tonight...

Sky- Mom...(long pause)... I Love You. Sometimes I just say I Love You because I forgot what I was going to say.

Me- That's ok, you can say I love you all the time if you want.

Sky- Don't you think it would be really annoying if I said "I Love You" over and over all day long?

I hope 10 years from now, he will still tell me he loves me... even if it is sometimes because he forgot what to say!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

These eggs are to DYE for!

Easter weekend was a whirlwind of activities that left me wondering "where did the weekend go?"

Here are are the highlights of the weekend. The pictures are in no certain order.

It started with the every holiday tradition of making sugar cookies. I made over 100 cookies and 2 dozen cupcakes. The cupcakes were for Skyler's 1st grade class Easter party. The cookies all went to Friends, family and 3 work places...(Michaels, Arrowstar Const., and Dr. Parkinsons).

Saturday morning we had the annual Easter egg hunt at my sister Melinda's house. there were plenty of eggs, and lots of fun.

Sunday was the best. The Easter bunny found our house, and even had a little baby blanket for baby Mia. (aren't grandmas supposed to spoil the grandkids?) All my kids were here for dinner, and we had my parents over as well. I love having my family all together, lots of food, laughing and good memories.