Monday, May 31, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

Since our family has added two members this year, it was time for new family pictures. It was a feat in itself, just to get everyone together at the same time, and have the weather cooperate. Finally, we had success.
So, here are a "few" in no certain order.

Addis Family
Mauch Family
Uncle Skyler and Mia
The whole family.
Kels and Riley, again
Sweet baby Mia
We took over 400 pictures, and probably had 100 of just Mia.
Just the kids
I love this one!
Mark and I

Grandma and Grandpa with Mia

Saturday, May 1, 2010

UVU Class of 2010

A few years ago, I thought this day would never come. As I walked into the Event Center, and saw all the graduates seated I was overcome with emotion. Then again as they moved their tassels from one side the right side to the left, once again emotions came out, and I couldn't even see where Mark and Logan were sitting. Just knowing they were there in that large group of graduates got to me. Then when they both walked out with the whole graduation song going... well lets just say it was an emotional day. I think partly just glad its all done, no more classes, no more late hours doing homework, and no more tests.
Needles to say, I am very proud of Mark for sticking with it when it hasn't been the easiest thing to do amidst surgeries and just plain not feeling well most of the time.

I am also very proud of Logan for setting this goal to graduate, and accomplishing it. She has worked very hard through these past years, and it has all paid off.

Mark graduated first, the Logan. It was good to have the support of family and friends for Mark and Logan.
We had Family and friends over for a graduation celebration at our house that night. Lots of support, THANKS EVERYONE!

So, here are a "few" pictures of the days events

Nicole helped me make this sign, that blew down to a crumpled mess in the corner of the porch by the time we got home from graduation. I'm glad I got a picture first.
My girls waiting for Mark's ceremony to start
Thanks to the D.S. Skyler and cousin Mckay kept entertained
I think Riley is realizing that Kelsey got her need for pictures of every event from me.

Mark with his diploma
Skyler and Mark
Logan just getting her diploma
A very blurry picture of the family, whats up with my camera?
The graduates together

Mark and I