Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where did the last two months go?

The last two months my life has been filled with.....

Kelsey's Bridal shoot, me and Skyler paused for a picture

Doesn't she look happy?!

One of my favorite of Kelsey's bridals

Skyler started 2nd grade

Sweet Baby Mia

Uncle Skyler and Mia
This past few months have been filled with planning a wedding, playing with Mia whenever I can, and Skyler and I drove down to San Diego with my parents to go to my nephews mission talk. It was a quick trip, but tons of fun. I did have picutres to document the trip, but since I accidently hit delete all on my camera... well ENTIRE TRIP ERASED! In-n-out burger, Beach, fishing with cousin Eric at the pond in his yard, catching lizzards in Aunt Dianes house. Gone, all gone. I guess we need to plan another trip so I can get more pictures!