Monday, November 28, 2011

My baby is turning 10!

Wow, where have the last 10 years gone? Seriously, It seems like I just found out I was expecting him. 
The past ten years has been filled with fun and excitement.
Skyler is very funny and is making us laugh all the time.
He is a very sensitive little guy. Sensitive to not only his feelings, but those around him too. 
He loves  being an uncle to Mia and Emmett. 
He is a good friend, and informed me the other day, that "I don't play with friends anymore, we hang out. Playing is for younger grades, fourth graders hang out" 
He is having fun with his dad and their hunting trips. He took hunters safety this past year, and goes target shooting. He is my sweetheart! I truly feel he was saved to come to our family at this time. He is a ray of sunshine in our crazy life.   Skyler, you are such a blessing in our lives, Love ya! 

 Skyler and Emmett
 Skyler and Mia
 such a serious little hunter
What a handsome guy! 
 I'm his favorite!
My two handsome guys!


Logan said...

What would we do without him? He's so fun to have around.

joleen said...

We love him too! Glad we get to be friends!

dana liston said...

happy birthday Skyler!! I am glad that he "hangs out" with Aiden! :)

Valerie Hall said...

Wow! I can't believe Skyler is 10!!!!

Kelsey M. said...

love my little brother!