Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Vacation

We decided about a year ago, that we wanted to take the family to Disneyland for Fall Break.
We headed south in three cars. Most of us stayed with my sister Diane in San Marcos that first night, while Nicole and family stayed with Chaz's grandma just up the road.
Thursday we left Di's and headed to the beach at Dana Point by San Juan Capistrano which is south of Anaheim. We had our hotel there. Friday and Saturday were filled with California adventure, and then DisneyLand.
We had so much fun being together. Just sitting around at restaurants, the beach and the parks. Hopefully some good memories were created for my kids. I know I had a great time, and pretty sure they all did too!
Here are just a few of the hundreds of photos taken this past week.
Getting ready to leave Diane's house
Di has a pond with fish, Riley and Sky tried to catch a fish
My sister Diane with Emmett

Our family at Dana Point Beach
Kelsey and Emmett
My girls
Mark and Skyler
Chaz and Riley seeing how far they could throw rocks into the ocean
Auntie Logan with Emmett and Mia
Addis Family
Logan and Skyler
Mia and Aunt Logan waiting at splash mountain
Toon town was all decked out for halloween
Skyler with cousins
My sister Melinda was down there with Scott and kids, we were able to meet up with them and go on a bunch of rides together.
Riley, Kels, Loges, and Skyler
Chaz, Nicole and Mia waiting for the parade to start
I got to take Mia on the carosel
Mark, and Emmett waiting in line for the Haunted Mansion
Waiting with the cousins
The park was all decorated for Halloween, it was fun to be there to see it.
My whole family at the end of a very long few days.
Disneyland was extremely crowded, but thanks to fast passes, and the rider swap passes, our longest wait was about 40 minutes for the haunted mansion. The fast passes are the only way to do Disneyland. Some of the wait time was 75 minutes but on those rides, we waited maybe 10 minutes thanks to the fast passes.
A trip well worth every penny spent!


Valerie Hall said...

looks like you guys had so much fun! I am glad you guys got to do that!

dana liston said...

looks perfect. what a fun family vacation. :)

Logan said...

Such a fun trip! I enjoyed every minute of it! :) Thanks, mom!